Image by Christopher Backholm / Agile, CC-BY-4.0

Figure 1:Image by Christopher Backholm / Agile, CC-BY-4.0

I work with scientists and engineers to create tools, technology, and software. I’ve spent many years working with geoscientists working in oil & gas, energy, and earth science but also with professionals working in finance, healthcare, and with various forms of enterprise software.

In pretty much all my experience, collaboration and communication are difficult for people working in scientific and technical domains. Often a huge amount of effort is spent on creating presentations or documents whose content loses so much of the richness and utility of the underlying piece of scientific work — information gets collapsed into forms that are difficult to reference, search, provide machine access for, reuse and sometimes even to consume.

Now I work with Rowan and The Team at Curvenote — where we are building technology and tools for a different future in scientific publishing, communication, and progress.