Use Case

Internal Checkpoint

Steve Purves

#Check Data Ingestion

quandl.ApiConfig.api_key = 'zCYyKsBbzk94ye5yRjvs'
stocks = ['AAPL','AMZN','GOOGL','FB']
data = quandl.get_table('WIKI/PRICES', ticker = stocks,
                        qopts = { 'columns': ['date', 'ticker', 'adj_close'] },
                        date = { 'gte': '2016-1-1', 'lte': '2017-12-31' }, paginate=True)
<Figure size 1152x504 with 1 Axes>
<seaborn.axisgrid.FacetGrid at 0x15dbc35e0>
<Figure size 1008x504 with 0 Axes>
<Figure size 1080x864 with 4 Axes>
<Figure size 432x288 with 1 Axes>
<Figure size 864x864 with 2 Axes>

#Check Monte Carlo Spread

<Figure size 1008x648 with 1 Axes>

#Check Comparison to Current Position

<Figure size 1008x648 with 1 Axes>